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God’s Amazing Grace through Growth Groups

Christian fellowship (and friendship) is important. Here at St. Paul’s, Growth Groups are the one of main channels we have to connect to each other. Through Growth Groups, we directly experience Christ’s love by regularly gathering together and taking seriously the promise that Christ is among us.

It is through our groups that we encourage each other and make sure that no member of the body of Christ is ever alone.

We have opportunities from infants to elderly and in between! Contact us to learn more.

· Adult Bible Study
· Sunday School
· Sisters Group
· Grace Class
· Home Bible Studies
· Divorce Care
· Shut-in & Caregivers
· Teens & College
· Mommy and Me
· Addictions and Recovery
· Men’s Bible Study
· Women of St. Paul’s
· Dorcas Group
· Single Moms
· Spiritual Growth
· Called Worker Care
· Grief Care

Sunday School Registration.
Connect your child with God’s Word and Christ’s Love! If you have a child that is 3 or older and potty trained up to 6th grade, please register your child online.