Starting Points

  • Get familiar with past worship services and pastor’s messages.

  • Check out Adult Bible Studies, Youth and Family Ministries, and Support Groups you and your family can be a part of.

  • Ask a Pastor to pray for you. Contact us about life questions, God questions, or questions about St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School.

  • When you are considering worshiping with us in person, read the What to Expect page.

  • To understand the bigger movement St. Paul’s is a part of, check out our Core Beliefs and Our Mission.

  • If you have children, check out St. Paul’s Lutheran School to see how our School shares God’s grace in Jesus Christ with all kinds of people in the Menomonie area. Contact Principal Buss at about the School.

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  • Enroll in a Starting Point Class by contacting Stephen Oelhafen at Starting Point Classes give you instant access to everything we believe and teach about God’s grace in Jesus Christ, which affects who we are as a church family. We are totally transparent and honest about what God says because he is our Creator and Savior. With him is honesty, forgiveness, a new life, incredible wisdom and much joy now and forever!