Anyone Can Pray

This lesson will help you pray today using a simple, four-step process.

Think of how a child learns to speak. They mimic the sounds and words of their caregivers.

Likewise, we mimic the words God uses to talk with us. We learn how to talk with God by the way he talks to us in his Word. We learn to pray by listening.

Here is a simple way to pray taught by Martin Luther, a pastor and theologian who was famous for many things, including translating the Bible into the language of the people before that was popular. He did this so normal people could hear God speak with them in the same language their mom used to sing them lullabies. Use this “Simple Way to Pray” with any part of the Bible.

Four Questions to Prayer-

1. What does this mean?

2. What does this lead me to give thanks for?

3. What sin does this lead me to confess?

4. What does this lead me to pray for?

Now, ask these questions to any section of the Bible. Start with John 3:1-21 here. Some people like to write down notes or draw as they go through the questions, like journaling. Some like to talk it through with one other person. You can do this with a pastor or a friend.

As a kid, I used to fall asleep trying to pray before bed. I used to get so distracted, mind racing here and there.

This helped me focus.

Prayer is like a muscle. Use it and watch it grow.

Anyone can learn how to pray.