Stewardship & Evangelism

I’m writing to update you on the current stewardship program so that you are aware of what is currently happening. The focus of St. Paul’s stewardship program is to eliminate the debt we have with the CEF. This amount was $195,926 at the end of July and $194,433 at the end of August. The current amount at the end of September is $192,680. Remember that’s the debt from our remodeling of the church. Why the hurry to repay it now? The principal’s report indicated that we have used all the space that was available in the school and church for classrooms for this year’s enrollment. Enrollment for 3-year-old through 8th grade is 126. We have 2 sections of kindergarten this year. We can thank the 4-year-old program for that increase. In my first comments to you I indicated that there were 15 non-St. Paul’s students in the 4-year-old class and that 13 of them enrolled in our kindergarten. A fantastic evangelism program that I would like to see continue. If that continues, we need to meet the needs of those children. Can we afford it? Did God put a limit on his love of us? How much do we love God? I think that we need to look at the treasure God has shared with each of us and see if we can’t retire the debt so that these children hear about God’s love for them.

Herb Mehne