Stewardship & Evangelism


God is good!!!

Let me define stewardship for you. Stewardship is “LOVE”!!! How do we know that this statement is true? If we go to the short definition of the ten commandments, number one is Love God above all things and number two is love your neighbor as yourself. So. Stewardship can be defined as love. But, whom are we to love? We are to love God because He sent his Son, Jesus, to earth, as a human, to die for yours and my sins. We as Lutheran Christians, believe that there is no cost to us for this because God gave this to us by His Grace. If I were to ask you a question, how do you show your love for Christ? What would you tell me? Would this be your answer? You attend church every Sunday, you have daily devotions or you place your offering in the plate on Sunday. Do you sing with joy in your heart the hymns in the church service? Loudly. These are all good items to show Christ our love.

Is it enough for what He has done for us? Maybe we need to look at what we do at our church service. How about our singing of the hymns. Are we singing them with joy in our hearts? Are we singing them loud enough or do we whisper the words? Let’s check it out by doing an experiment on Sunday, July 31, 2022. I’ll ask the organist to play 30% softer and ask the congregation to sing louder. Loud enough to shake the rafters in the church. The hymns are our opportunity to thank the Lord for what he has done for us. Let’s do it in an exuberant manner.


In God’s service,

The Old Man – Herb Mehne

Remodeling Debt

The stewardship goal of reducing the remodeling debt is now at $198,504.40. Donations reduce the principle thus reducing the actual debt and saving the interest that we have to pay. Let’s start working on that debt. Thank you.