Worship Opportunities

+ Worship will be on campus at 8 and 10:30 AM Sunday mornings.

+ Online Worship will be released by 2 PM Sunday afternoons on St. Paul’s Facebook Page. It will appear on our Youtube Channel by the end of Monday. This is temporary as we transition technology from a pre-recorded online service to a live viewing of the on-site worship services.

+ Radio Broadcast on 880 AM WMEQ begins at 10:04 AM Sunday mornings and runs 38 minutes.

Communion-We will follow these guidelines as we commune:

+ Ushers dismiss one family at a time. A family unit may commune together, keeping space between them and other families.

+ The Pastor or Councilman gives you the bread and says, “The body of Christ.” Then Pastor or Councilman gives you the wine and says, “The blood of Christ.”

+ Dispose of your cup in a trashcan off to the side and return to seat as next family comes up.

+ Pastor speaks Communion blessing over everyone at the end.

  • Practice social-distancing

  • Sit in every other pew with the people you came with (sit in the pews not taped off)

  • Visit outside the building, not in in the gathering space, before and after worship

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