Worship Opportunities

+ Worship LIVE on Facebook and YouTube at 8 AM Sunday mornings

+ Radio Broadcast on 880 AM WMEQ begins at 10:04 AM Sunday mornings and runs 38 minutes.

+ Previous Worship Services and Sermon Series on YouTube

  • When we gather to worship in the sanctuary, every other pew will be available for seating to encourage safe distancing.
  • Communion, when it is offered, will be by continuous distribution, like was done prior to this pause in in-person worship.
  • Those coming to St. Paul’s should wear masks at all times.
  • As the return to in-person worship comes, growth groups should feel free to return to their activities, keeping in mind safe distancing and mask-wearing.

Read about real happenings and inspiring stories from the St. Paul’s Family in the Quarterly Newsletter.

Click HERE to read Quarterly Blessings Issue 3. Printed copies are also available in the Church Gathering Space.

Inside the Quarterly Blessings:

  • Dates to Know
  • Traditional and Modern Worship at St. Paul’s by Hope Loersch
  • Online Worship Reaches People by Timothy Voigt
  • Healthy Marriage Class by Cari Schlosser
  • The Return of Mornings with Mommy by Alissa Schulz
  • Meet Cristy Linse
  • Membership Snapshot
  • Gifts & Memorials

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