When and how to worship

Pastor’s Newest Message

Important Worship Reminders

Per Governor Evers’ mask mandate announced 7/30/20, we are asking you to please wear a face mask as you enter worship and as you leave worship. Please visit in the parking lot.

  • This applies to those ages 5 and older
  • Do this out of sensitivity for the needs and feelings of the others you worship with
  • Do this out of obedience to our governing authorities
  • Pastor will model this by wearing a mask before and after worship
  • You may remove your mask as you eat and drink during communion
  • This will allow others to return to worship who are trying to follow the guidelines and protect others and themselves

See the full emergency order here: https://bit.ly/2Xcg321
FAQ here: https://bit.ly/3fcmIja

We are monitoring this situation very closely and will keep you updated if this mandate changes in any way or gets overturned in court. It currently expires September 28.

Worship Opportunities

+ Worship will be on campus at 8 and 10:30 AM Sunday mornings.

+ Online Worship will be released by 2 PM Sunday afternoons on St. Paul’s Facebook Page. It will appear on our Youtube Channel by the end of Monday morning. This is temporary as we transition technology from a pre-recorded online service to a live viewing of the on-site worship services.

+ Radio Broadcast on 880 AM WMEQ begins at 10:04 AM Sunday mornings and runs 38 minutes.

Communion–We will follow these guidelines as we commune:

+ Ushers dismiss one family at a time. A family unit may commune together. Separate families keep space between each other.

+ The Pastor or Councilman gives you the bread and says, “The body of Christ.” Then Pastor or Councilman gives you the wine and says, “The blood of Christ.”

+ Dispose of your cup in a trashcan off to the side and return to seat as next family comes up.

+ Pastor speaks Communion blessing over everyone at the end.

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