Ongoing Sermon Series

The World’s Only Hope Sermon Series

“The World’s Only Hope.” It’s the end of 2021, it’s Christmas and it’s Pastor Schulz’s last series with St. Paul’s.

Have you ever noticed how so many people are ready to leave the previous year behind in the dust? Many of us cling to the hope that the New Year will be a bit better, a little less painful.

While we cannot be sure these kinds of hopes will be realized, we can be certain that the God of the Ages guarantees a future without pain and his gracious help until that time, no matter what may come to pass in this new year.

After all, Christmas teaches us that Jesus came into our pain and even took on a human body so he could be tempted and endure, so he could suffer for our sin and come through victorious. Come together this Christmas and spend the rest of December despairing of all other false, uncertain hopes. and putting all of our hope in the Savior of the World.

12/19 – 8 AM The greatness of God (10:30 AM is K-8 Christmas Program)

12/24 – 4 PM (Christmas Eve) The grace of God

12/25 – 10 AM (Christmas Day) The glory of God

12/26 – 8 and 10:30 AM Son of God and Son of Man

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+ Sunday Worship – 8 AM & 10:30 AM

+ Worship LIVE on Facebook and YouTube at 8 AM Sunday mornings

+ Radio Broadcast on 880 AM WMEQ begins at 10:04 AM Sunday mornings and runs 38 minutes.

+ Previous Worship Services and Sermon Series on YouTube

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