When and how to worship

Worship Opportunities

+ Worship will be on campus at 8 and 10:30 AM Sunday mornings.

+ Online Worship will be released by 2 PM Sunday afternoons on St. Paul’s Facebook Page. It will appear on our Youtube Channel by the end of Monday morning. This is temporary as we transition technology from a pre-recorded online service to a live viewing of the on-site worship services.

+ Radio Broadcast on 880 AM WMEQ begins at 10:04 AM Sunday mornings and runs 38 minutes.

Communion–We will follow these guidelines as we commune:

+ Ushers dismiss one family at a time. Families keep space between each other.

+ The Pastor or Councilman gives you the bread and says, “The body of Christ.” Then Pastor or Councilman gives you the wine and says, “The blood of Christ.”

+ Dispose of your cup in a trashcan off to the side and return to seat as next family comes up.

+ Pastor speaks Communion blessing over everyone at the end.

Enjoy previous Pastor’s Messages and Full Length-Online Worship Services on St. Paul’s Church and School TV.

Current sermon series: Genesis-Foundations of the Christian Faith

Dates: June 7-July 12

What you’ll learn: These first chapters of the Bible reveal so many central truths of the Christian faith, all while remaining relevant to the relationships we have in this world. We’ll see who God is, who we were created to be, and what we have become. We’ll find our purpose in this world and who we are in Christ. Join us as we go back to the beginning, back to the Garden of Eden.

Newest Pastor’s Message

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